Today’s business owner understands the critical nature of an Internet presence.  It’s an investment in your business and one that today’s savvy customers have come to expect.  Of course it’s a given that you must have a website at a minimum, but other online options are important too.

We’ll walk you through the technologies available and discuss the pros and cons of each.  Facebook and/or  Twitter?  LinkedIn?  RSS Feed?  SEO?  We’ll help you navigate the complicated web that is today’s business necessity.  We will answer all your questions and get you online affordably, too!

  • Register your domain name
  • Secure server space for your website
  • Design your website with your existing artwork or create new artwork!
  • Use your existing color scheme or select a new one!
  • Build as many pages as you need
  • Create a search feature on your site so customers can find what they’re looking for
  • Create a feedback form on your site so your customers can reach you to ask questions
  • Customize each page content to suit your needs
  • Create customized email boxes (;, etc.)
  • List your site with major search engines
  • Optimize your site for search engine rankings
  • Publish your new website
  • Maintain daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly updates to your site to keep your visitors coming back
  • Track your visitors so you know how many hits you’re getting

We can provide any or all of the following (mix and match to suit your individual website needs):

  • Multiple Email Accounts (
  • Site Search Form
  • Contact Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Scanned or digital images
  • Animations
  • Logos/Artwork/Graphics
  • Slideshow
  • Image Gallery

Call us now and let’s get started!