Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is select a starting place for your website project. We have put together some great starter sites to get the ball rolling. You don’t have to stick with these, rather you may build on them or create your own.

Express Your Ideas
Having some idea of what you want will be helpful but you don’t have to have anything set in concrete.  You can just contact me and see what we can work up together or we can show you some pre-made templates that we can customize for you. Every website is different just as every person’s need is different. One size does not fit all; so let’s talk and see what we can do for you.

No Surprises Estimate
After our consultation, we’ll get back with you with a preliminary proposal with options. We’ll go through it and make final changes, then I’ll submit a written proposal for your records and mine.

As soon as we agree to start your project here’s what you can expect to happen in more or less this order:

The first payment is due prior to the beginning of work — 50% up front to begin designing and the balance due just prior to the finished site going live.  Should you decide to abandon your project before it is finished for any reason, monies will be returned to you on a pro-rated basis.  Our time is valuable and we charge for its use. After we reach the halfway point there will be no refunds.

Next we’ll set up the site online so we can follow along together as we work. The temporary URL assigned to your site will never be found by viewers so we can work in peace, and get things just right before anyone else sees it. You are welcome to show your site in progress to anyone you choose, it’s your website.

This is when we need your information, pictures, text/copy, logos, color schemes and other content that will be included in your site. Make sure the material is not copied from any other site and that your copy and photographs are your originals OR you have written permission from the owners to use it on your site. We don’t want a copyright infringement lawsuit. It’s also a good idea to trademark your company’s name and logo.

Next we’ll make a beginning design and layout, we’ll talk about it and make what ever changes are necessary prior to populating the site. If you would like us to use a Pre-made Template (this site is a pre-made template customized by us), we’ll help you select the correct one that fits your new website.

Finally, we’ll do the site search engine optimization, individual page titles, keywords for each page and page descriptions.

After the site design work is finished and upon receiving your second and final payment, we will upload the site. Now your site is live, using your own URL, and may be found by Internet users.

After your site is live, we will submit your new website to search engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Claim the Web so it can be found by search engines.

We try to keep it nice and simple. During this process of building your website we have been auditioning for your webmaster job. If you need help and we work well together, we’ll can make an arrangement whereby we continue to work for you. It is obvious that websites need continuous updating. Just browse around for a few minutes and discover the sites that are looking old and obsolete.

That’s all there is to it. If you still have questions after reading this, we will be most happy to answer them!